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About the XHAUST active sound


XHAUST has manufactured this device with a simple yet ambitious goal to provide the driver with the coolest exhaust sound experience.

Utilising our experience and research into sound tuning, we have been able to make this device capable of reflecting signals from the ECU powertrain in real time and producing a range of sounds that are almost the same as they would be from an actual vehicle.

Sound design

Sound development of the XHAUST active sound system is accomplished in a variety of ways. Development is carried out in a variety of ways, such as recording the sound generated by an actual vehicle, or creating a virtual sound using various tools or sound generators.

XHAUST active sound is developing a new sound by combining two methods. In order to realize a more realistic reality, it is very important to secure the sound of the actual vehicle, and how to handle the noise included during the extraction of the recording sound is the key to sound development. Also, even if an accurate sound source is secured, distortion may occur in the product hardware or in the process of going through the amplifier and speaker.

Our XHAUST headquarters is spurring the development of new active sound by using these core technologies and the know-how accumulated from various experiences.

Reverse engineering

ou can check the necessary signals by analyzing the CAN signal of the vehicle, and use these signals to activate the function of the vehicle. This can be applied not only to internal combustion engines currently being produced, but also to electric vehicles that will be produced more in the future. Various signals are obtained using advanced equipment, and signals that can be used for active sound are analyzed and applied.

Embedded system

It is the task of turning the results of all our thoughts, analysis and development into an electronically controlled device.
Including a high-performance MCU that can process multiple processes simultaneously in real time, an amplifier capable of driving a high-power speaker with sufficient power is applied and integrated. (H/W part) In addition, it is equipped with a real-time operating system (RTOS) that drives the MCU so that all operations are performed smoothly. (S/W part)

Hardware materials

At Xhaust Active Sound, all parts are manufactured in the company’s in-house manufacturing infrastructure in the Republic of Korea. The XHAUST design and manufacture parts such as the sound generator shell made of stainless steel 304, the heat sink to cool the high-performance amplifier, and the bracket that is related to the place where the active sound generator is installed.

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